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The Cupertino residents are constantly enjoying the great cuisines this relatively smaller town has to offer as the students work hard in one of the most competitive school districts in the nation. With many Asian immigrants especially from Taiwan, China, and India, moving into the area in recent decades, you can find a great selection of Thai, Chinese, and Japanese/Sushi cuisines. For those in the mood for a different dining experience, Cupertino has kept one of its little known secrets in the authentic Italian/Pizza and Mexican restaurants.

Nearby, Los Altos has a wide selection of restaurants and dining choices, including Pizza, American (Traditional), Italian, Fast Food, Desserts, Chinese.

On the south end, Saratoga has a wide selection of restaurants and dining choices, including French, Pizza, Fast Food, Deli, Italian, Chinese.

Popular restaurants on

Chinjin Eastern House Restaurant  ·  Zazang Restaurant  ·  Paul & Eddie’s  ·  Todai Restaurant  ·  Pot Sticker King  ·  Tony Romas Restaurant  ·  Blue Rock Shoot  ·  Joy Luck Place  ·  Tapioca Express  ·  A & J Restaurant  ·  Porridge Place  ·  Fresh Choice  ·  Canton Delights Seafood Restaurant  ·  Q Cup  ·  House Of Falafel  ·  Hi Chiang Dumpling House  ·  House Of Sichuan  ·  Peet’s Coffee & Tea  ·  Formosa Restaurant  ·  Peet’s Coffee & Tea  ·  T K Noodle  ·  Starbucks  ·  Starbucks  ·  Ramen Rama  ·  Guan Dong House